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Use Dashes Instead of Zeros in a Pivot Table

Do you have a pivot table in your spreadsheet that contains a lot of zeros? There is a way to change the format of the zeros to display as a dash (-) instead. Dashes are great in pivot tables for improved visualization and helps users to focus on the more important data in your spreadsheet.

If your pivot table has blanks instead of zeros, right-click in your pivot table and select PivotTable Options...

Enter a zero in the For empty cells show field and then click OK.

To change the zeros to dashes, right-click on a zero in the Pivot table.

Select Number Format

On the Format Cells pop-up menu select Custom on the Number tab.

Select the #,##0.00_);(#,##0.00) format and add ;- after. Then click OK.

Your pivot table will now have dashes instead of zeros.

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