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Disable Reply to All or Forward in an Email or Meeting Invite

Have you ever received an email spam from an email that a whole bunch of users were cc'd on. Did you know you can disable this function when you are setting up a meeting or an email?

First you will need to have the Developer tab displaying in your ribbon.

With your email open, go to the File menu and select Options.

Go to the Customize Ribbon menu in the left hand pane.

Scroll down in Customize the Ribbon menu on the right and check the box for Developer. You may need to ensure that Main Tabs is selected in the drop-down for this option to display. Click OK when finished.

Now when you have an email open you will see this tab at the top.

Click on the Developer tab and then click on Design This Form.

Click on the Actions tab.

Double-click on the Reply to All row.

On the Form Action Properties pop-up window, deselect the box for Enabled. Then click OK.

Repeat these steps for the Forward row.

Then click Run this Form. This will open a new email for you.

Proceed to type up your email contents as usual.

Now when the user receives this email, they will not be able to Reply to all or Forward it if you deselected those options. These options will appear grayed out as shown below;

You will perform the same steps for a calendar invite. Click on your calendar to set up the appointment and go to the Developer tab. Then repeat the steps listed above.

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Roxanne Medina
Roxanne Medina
Dec 08, 2023

This is awesome, thank you! Is there a way to save the form settings so that every time you send a meeting invite from an email address all those functions are disabled without having to run the form each time?


Jun 16, 2023

This was extremely helpful, thank you! 😀

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