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Form Controls in Word

Did you know that Microsoft Word has a variety of automatic form controls that you can insert in your document? What are these exactly? What's included in these form controls are a checkbox, a date drop-down, a custom word drop-down, among others. Using these forms are a way to make your document more user friendly. These forms also reduce the amount of errors that can be caused by manual entry.

First you will need to ensure you have the Developer tab enabled in the Ribbon, or menu at the top of your Word document. Depending on what version you are using, this menu can be found under File > Options > Customize Ribbon. Simply check the box for Developer and click OK. Now your developer tab should appear.

Insert a Checkbox

In Word, place your cursor where you would like the checkbox to go.

On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click the box with a check mark in it.

A checkbox will appear next to your list item.

You will notice the other controls items will be greyed out; click anywhere in your word document and they will reappear.

Repeat this step for the other items in your list.

This function will allow your user to put an X in the box.

Insert a Date Drop-down

Simply place your cursor where you would like the Date drop-down form control to go.

Go to the Developer tab in the Ribbon and select the Calendar form control.

Microsoft Word will insert the calendar date form picker into your document.

Your user can now select the calendar date from this drop-down and it will appear in the document. There is also a button for Today's date should they want to select it.

You can further customize the text and format of your date, if you go into the Properties button in the Controls group in your Ribbon.

Insert a Drop-Down Option

Once again in your Word document, place your cursor where you would like the drop-down to go.

Click on the Combo Box Content Control button in the Controls group of the Developer tab. This will insert a drop-down form without any drop-down options into your Word document.

Click on the Properties button in the Controls group.

In the Content Control Properties pop-up menu, give your drop-down box a Title. Additionally give it a Tag name that will appear in Design Mode.

You can adjust the color, the way the box appears among other settings.

I click the Add button to add text to appear as drop-down options. I do this for every choice.

Here is a picture of my final drop-down menu;

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