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Saving a SharePoint Path as a Favorite

Do you have a SharePoint Library or Folder that you frequently save files to? Did you know there is a way you can quickly pull and save documents to this folder from a regular file folder window?

Go to the SharePoint Folder in your internet browser and select the Open with Explorer option in the Library tab.

Older Operating System

Then in the Explorer window, right click on the Favorites star and select Add current location to Favorites. Your SharePoint location will now be under Favorites as a folder icon.

Newer Operating System

If you are in a newer operating system and you see Quick Access in stead of Favorites, right-click on Pin current folder to Quick access and your SharePoint folder will save as a folder to this menu.

Now you can double click on this folder in a Document Window to access these files instead of visiting the SharePoint site in your internet browser.

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