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Outlook - Desktop Alerts

One thing that drives me crazy when I am sharing my screen during a meeting or watching a meeting is when Outlook pops up a message in the lower right hand portion of the screen with new email notifications.

This image here is what I am referring to, I randomly googled Outlook pop-up alerts and this was the first one I came across.

I strongly encourage users to turn this function off; its so distracting when you are trying to teach or lead a meeting.

How do you do this you ask?

With Outlook open, go to the File menu, and select Options.

On the pop-up menu, go to the Mail tab. Then scroll down to Message arrival and uncheck the box for Display a Desktop Alert.

Then click OK.

And that's it! No more pesky notifications that everyone will look at when you are hosting a meeting. (Except for Skype notifications or pings if you forget to put yourself on Do Not Disturb like I do, all the time!)

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