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NetworkDays Formula in Excel

Are you in a project and you would like to find the number of work days you have to schedule? Use the NetworkDays formula!

You have to list out your Start Date and your End Date for your project. You will also need to list any holidays that your team may have off.

Place your cursor in Column C. Go to the Formulas tab and select NETWORKDAYS from the Date & Time drop-down. (You can also click on the fx button in the toolbar to bring up the search for formulas pop-up menu to search for this formula.)

In the Function Arguments pop-up menu, its pretty self explanatory. Enter the cell number of your Start Date in the Start Date field and so on. Then click OK.

Your final result will show you the number of working days between your Start Date and your End Date. It will subtract any holidays you list. If you had multiple holidays, you would list these out in additional rows and additional fields in the Function Arguments pop-up menu.

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