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Insert Last Saved By in the Footer of Your Document

Did you know Microsoft Office has preset fields that you can insert into your document? I typically use the Last Saved By in the footer of my Word documents. This helps users quickly identify who was the last person to edit the document.

Go to the Insert tab of your Word document.

Select Edit Footer from the Footer drop-down. Ensure your cursor is in the Footer of your document.

Then go to the Insert tab and select Field from the Quick Parts drop-down.

Quick Parts contains quite a number of fields you can choose from. There is SaveDate which is also helpful if you want to always have the last saved date appear somewhere in your document.

Author is also helpful for who initially created the document.

Scroll down to select Last Saved By, you should be able to find this in alphabetical order if your Categories are selected to All.

I also select Title Case, so the letter of the first name and the letter of the last name are in capitals.

Then click OK.

This auto generated field will now appear in the Footer of your document. I also add "Last Saved By" before the field to help the user quickly understand the purpose of this text.

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