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How to Download Multiple Sheets to a PDF or PowerPoint

In one of my previous blog posts here, I went over how you could add a Download button to your dashboard using the Object Extension. Someone asked if the Download buttons could export multiple views to one PDF. The answer as far as I have researched is not yet. You can use the download button on the server to do this.

Click on the rectangle with a down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

On the Download pop-up menu you can select PowerPoint or PDF.

If you select PDF, on the Download PDF pop-up menu select Specific sheets from this workbook. The Specific sheets from this dashboard will only list the worksheets in the current dashboard view.

The menu will change and show you mini icons of all of the dashboards in your workbook. Simply click on the dashboard views you want exported. You can also change the scaling and the page size in this view.

Click on the Download button after you have made your selections.

A PDF will open with the views you selected.

The PowerPoint option works the same way, except you cannot adjust the Scaling or page orientation.

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