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Download Your Dashboard as a PDF From a Button!

Did you know you can add a button to your dashboard to download the view directly to a PDF or PowerPoint document?

You can also do this by selecting it in the menu on the server, but sometimes it's a better client experience if there is a button right on the dashboard.

In the Starbucks dashboard I discussed in last week's blog, I have an example of these two Download buttons (which can be found here).

In your Tableau Desktop application, you can find the Download option under the Objects menu as shown in the picture below;

Simply drag the icon onto your dashboard. By default it will display text.

Click Edit Button... from the drop-down menu.

Under the Export to drop-down menu you can pick, Crosstab, Image, PDF or PowerPoint.

I will select PDF for this example.

Under Button Style, select Image Button from the drop-down.

When you select the Image option, you will need to navigate to where your icon is saved. I used a PDF icons from

You also have the option to add a border to your image if you prefer and adjust the background color of the icon.

I like to add a Tooltip explaining that it will export as a PDF file when you hover over the image. (As shown below.)

You can repeat these steps for the PowerPoint option. Feel free to click these buttons on the dashboard in Tableau Public to test the functionality.

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