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Excel - Password Protection in a Worksheet

Do you have a spreadsheet that contains complex formulas that you don't want your users to accidently change? You can protect these formulas by setting a specific area in your worksheet where users can enter their data. This will prevent them from changing any other parts of the spreadsheet including the cells that contain the formulas.

With your worksheet open, select the range where you want users to enter their data.

On the Review tab, select the Allow Edit Ranges option.

Click on the New button.

The area you selected will automatically appear in this pop-up menu. Click OK.

Next click on the Protect Sheet button.

Now enter an easy to remember password that will allow you to unlock the sheet later if you have any edits. Enter this password in the password field. You will be prompted to enter this password in a second time.

Now users will only be allowed to enter data in the range of cells you selected. They will receive the following error if they type in any other cells in the Excel spreadsheet.

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