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Excel - Create a Drop-down Selection

Data entry can be the pits. What if you need to send a quick excel template to someone and you want to make it a little easier for them? Did you know you can create a drop-down selection? Drop-downs can also remove manual data entry errors.

Start by creating a list somewhere in your excel spreadsheet. For my example, I created a quick pivot of States.

Place your cursor where you would like your drop-down selection to go.

Go to the Data tab of Excel, select Data Validation and then click Data validation

from the drop-down.

In the Data Validation pop-up menu, click List from the Allow drop-down on the Settings tab.

In the Source field navigate to the pivot table or list of data

stored in the spreadsheet.

Click OK once you are done.

Now you will have a drop-down in the cell you selected.

Simply copy and paste this cell down to the other applicable rows in your spreadsheet to apply this feature to other cells in this column.

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