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Write a Document to SharePoint Library Using the Render Tool

I get questions all the time about Alteryx and SharePoint. I just learned this trick. You can use the Render Tool to write out to a SharePoint Document or Library app.

The trick is to convert your data to a Table in Alteryx using the Table Tool. I have this basic example below and I used the basic settings in the Table Tool when I added it to the workflow.

Next I added the Layout Tool and selected All Records Combined from the Layout Mode drop-down. I left all the other settings as the default.

Then I added the Render Tool with the following configuration;

Output Mode - Choose a Specific Out File

Output File - I put the SharePoint URL and the File name

Data Field - Layout

Separator - No Spacing Between Records

Paper Size - Custom Size

Size - I entered 5 x 7 based on my small data set. You may need to bump this up to 20 X 200 if you have a large data table.

Margins - No Margins

My final output appeared as below located in the SharePoint site;

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