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Where Have All the Formulas Gone?

Do you need to create a calculated field and you aren't sure which formula to use? Did you know that Alteryx lists all of the available formulas in a menu in the Formula Tool? They also list these formulas in a shortcut in other tools (such as the Multi-row Formula Tool) as well.

If you want to find out the complete listing of all the formulas, you can find them in the site here. This is the Functions Quick Reference guide. Alteryx is very helpful to list out the sample syntax or expression of each of the formulas in this site.

When you add a Formula Tool to your workflow, you can click on the fx Functions icon in the Configuration pane. (Does the fx icon look familiar? That's because its in Microsoft Office products too!)

All of the formulas are listed under different formula types that you can expand. They even make suggestions at the top to get you started.

You can simply select one of the formulas and it will be entered into the field, in the Configuration Pane.

I selected the basic If Then Else formula under the Conditional Formula Type menu.

Notice Alteryx already entered a red underline after the If in the statement. It recognized that my statement is not complete. This program is smart this way and helps you write your formula.

As you write out your formula, you may notice the colors change to the text in this field. Functions are in Gold, Variables are Fuchsia, Operators are Magenta and Strings are Turquoise. Any words in brackets are columns in your data.

Quick Tip: Did you know all you have to enter is an open bracket and all of your columns will appear in a drop-down?

Quick Tip#2: Did you know you can also refer to formulas you just created in the same tool? Just add another formula and refer to it in your formulas field.

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