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What Chart Should I Use?

Have you ever wondered what chart is the best for your analysis? I get asked this question a lot from beginner users in Tableau.

I found the below public dashboard by Andy Kriebel to be extremely helpful in this instance. There are different views containing different charts for what type of analysis you are trying to cover. He also lists tutorial hyperlinks on the first dashboard at the bottom.

Here is the view from the Ranking dashboard. The types of ranking charts are Ordered Bar, Ordered Column, Ordered Proportional Symbol, Dot Strip Plot, Slope and Lollipop.

Please note that this dashboard does not contain all the charts out there, but it does have explanations of each chart.

Andy also hosts the Makeover Monday challenge. What is that you ask? Every week you can find new data sets in their below site. (Go to the Participate tab and click on Data Sets.) He also records a "Watch me" youtube video on how to recreate the data set in Tableau. I have learned a lot from these videos and challenges.

Tableau Makeover Monday Link

You can receive assistance from Andy with these Makeover Monday challenges if you follow the rules listed in the site above. It is a great way to learn something new and get feedback.

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