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Tiny Tableau Tips

Updated: Jan 30

By Dawn Harrington

Did you know that you can find some quick Tableau tips without having to read a whole blog? I just learned about this myself. Go to your social media of choice and enter #TinyTableauTip

Here are a couple of quick tips I found to be helpful;

Source - Blog Sites

The Flerlage Twins - They have four rounds of tiny tips for Tableau users like you!

Source - X (The site formerly known as Twitter)

Sergiu shows you how to add a text divider to your labels in a bar chart!

Viraj introduces quick keys to create a parameter!

Brittany shares the benefits of using color tabs!

Catherine discusses a quick way to create a Data Dictionary!

Whitney displays a shortcut to open a Tableau dashboard from the server!

David takes the Unicode one step further with colors!

Vince provides a helpful tip for documenting notes from your clients below;

Source - LinkedIn

Flavio provides a tip on a Dynamic Reference lines.

Will discusses the snap to align feature and its short comings.

Jacob provides a quick format tip below;

Enter your own quick Tableau tip in a social media site with the tag #tinytableautip !

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