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Tableau Tips - Custom Shapes

Did you know you can create custom shapes and use them in your dashboards? I use Snag It to create custom PNG files for my dashboards. PNG files are better to use as you can add a clear background. Another benefit to creating your own shapes and using them is that you can also use Tableau to change the color of these shapes!

In the most recent 2020 version of Tableau this location has changed. You can now find your Shape folder in the following location:

C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes

Simply right-click to create a folder in this location and give it a custom name. Then save your PNG pictures here.

You can also download shape files from sites that are free such as and

If you don't see your Shapes in Tableau, click on the Reload Shapes button.

Your newly created folder should then appear in the drop-down. The proceed to assign your shapes to your dashboard.

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