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Show me the Macros!

Do you know the many methods to add existing macros to your workflow young Alteryx padawan? There is also a way to change the macro location if you receive the dark question mark icon referring to a macro that is lost to the dark-side.

The first method which may not play nice is to add a Macro folder to your Tool Palette.

You go to Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings

Then in the User Settings pop-up menu, you select the Macros tab. Click on the Plus sign to add your Macro folder path. It will show up in a Macros folder in your Tool Palette after you click OK and then Save.

The next option is to simply right-click anywhere on your canvas, select Insert and scroll down to Macro...

Here you can navigate to where the macro is stored and insert it right on the canvas.

Lastly if you have received a workflow from a coworker and you open it and you see the black question mark icon. Chances are it is referring to a macro that is stored somewhere in their computer.

The workaround is to open the workflow in Notepad++ or an application like it.

Do a Ctrl F and search for the text word Macro directly in the XML code. Your results will display the folder location that is pointing to somewhere in their drive.

Replace this File URL with where the macro is stored. Save the workflow and then re-open it with Alteryx.

Another way to prevent this is to have a team folder for all macros that you all have access to.

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