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Send an Email Through Events

Has a client asked you to be emailed when an Alteryx workflow has finished running? You can do this by setting up an email through the Events tab of your Configuration pane.

To get to your Configuration pane, click anywhere in the Canvas of your workflow.

Click on the Events tab and then select Send Email... from the Add drop-down.

On the Edit Event pop-up menu, there are several options for running the event. I typically set up an email when the Alteryx workflow runs into any issues. I select After Run With Errors to do so.

If a client wants an email after the workflow runs, I select After Run Without Errors.

For the SMTP: You will need to enter the host email name. This can be found through your email host. It should start with something like

In the From pane, enter the email address you want the email to show from.

In the To field, enter the email address you want the email to go to.

I delete the default subject line and enter a custom subject.

I also delete the Body of the email as it contains your user name, what computer you are working on, the directory of the Alteryx workflow and the number of errors the workflow encountered.

Click OK when you are finished with your customizations. Alteryx should send an email after your workflow completes.

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