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Performance Recording

Is your Tableau dashboard slow? Did you know that Tableau has a feature called Performance recording that will help you identify where the lags are in your dashboard?

Some users take out the complex calculations in Tableau and use an ETL tool such as Alteryx to perform these functions. They then write out the data to a Tableau Extract.

Other ways to improve the performance of a dashboard is to make the data tall, meaning it has multiple rows versus multiple columns. Tableau has an easier time reading rows that columns.

In the performance recording Tableau reviews the following of your dashboard;

  • Blending of your data

  • Compiling the data

  • Connections to the data sources

  • Your extract Generation (if applicable)

  • Geocoding

  • Layout calculations

  • Query execution

To perform a recording open Tableau on your desktop. (Do not have any existing dashboards open since you want to capture how long it takes to open your workbook. Also this will not work with Tableau Public. )

Go to the Help menu and select Settings and Performance. Select Start Performance Recording.

Then open the dashboard you want to analyze. Proceed to test your dashboard by selecting filters etc. When you are finished go back to the Help menu, select Settings and Performance and then click Stop Performance Recording.

Tableau will automatically open a workbook with a performance summary of your dashboard.

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