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Navigation Objects

Did you know that you can insert an object into your dashboard that will allow the user to navigate to different dashboards? Let's say you want your user to go to the home page after clicking on a button. You can add this functionality with this object!

In my Marvel Villain's dashboard here, I have several buttons on each dashboard that guide you to two other pages. I used Dashboard Actions to navigate you through the workbook. Navigation Objects are another method and I find them easier to use!

The Navigation Object is located in the lower left-hand menu of Tableau after you click on new dashboard.

You can drag this object onto your dashboard. By default the button will appear grey with the text "Navigation" in it.

Click on the down arrow and select Edit Button.

On the Edit Button pop-up menu on the first drop-down, select the dashboard that you would like the object to Navigate to.

The next menu drop-down is the Button Style. You can select an Image or Text. I like to make the button an image.

If you click on the Choose button you can pick a custom image for your button. I uploaded an image of a house to take the user to the Home or Main dashboard. I use for icons.

You can also add a border and a background color to this button if you need to under Format.

I like to add text in the Tooltip to help the users understand what the button does.

Click OK when you are finished. When the dashboard is published the Home button will appear as below.

If you would like to test this button, you can view the dashboard here.

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