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How to Remove the Blue Box for KPI's

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Do you have a KPI's listed predominately on your dashboard? Have you noticed when you click on one of them, you get a blue box as shown below?

How do you get rid of this? In this blog I will review three different methods to do so.

Use a Blank Floating Object

You can place a blank container from your Objects pane and drag it to the canvas.

Click the down arrow and select floating. Then extend this box over your KPI metrics.

This will prevent the user from being able to click over the numbers. But what if you have a tool tip that you want the user to see? Then you cannot use this method to fix the blue highlight.

Use a Blank Shape

I like to create a Blank shape using an application like TechSmith's SnagIt. Save this shape to your shape folder usually located in your C:\ drive, in your My Tableau Repository > Shapes folder. I like to create a separate folder called Blank and place the shape in there.

Change your Chart type from Text to Shape as shown below;

This may put circles behind your KPI text.

Click on your Shape Marks card and navigate to where you have your Blank shape stored. Select this shape to replace the circle.

Now the user will not receive a blue box when they click on the KPI metric.

Use a Square Shape

A colleague of mine Swetang Patel suggested this, thanks Swetang!

For those of you that do not have SnagIt, here is another shape alternative to remove the blue highlight or box. Instead of selecting a blank shape, select the Square shape from your Shape Marks card.

This will put a square line around your KPI text.

Use the Size slider and place the slider to the max size.

Change the color of the square to white or whatever your background is.

This action will remove the blue highlight and the square line around your text will disappear.

You can download/view all of these methods from my Tableau dashboard in Tableau Public here.

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