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How to Create a Rounded Stacked Bar Chart with Percentages

Do you have a dashboard where you want to add a chart a little more interesting than a bar chart? I kept most of the instructions from Rajeev Pandey's blog here in his VizArtPandey site but I modified some the calculations/formatting. He has an amazing site you should refer to with how to's.

You will need to create the following calculated fields;

Total Sales

{Fixed : SUM(Sales)}

Total_Sales Sub-Category

SUM({Fixed [Sub-Category] : SUM(Sales)})/SUM([Total Sales])

*For more information about LOD expressions, review this article here.

Color Circle


Gray Circle


First drag Measure Names to your Filters card. Select the following fields;

Total_Sales Sub-category, Color Circle and Gray Circle.

Place Measure Values on the Columns shelf.

Place Sub-Category on the Rows shelf.

Put Measure Names on the Color Marks card.

Move the Total_Sales Sub-category metric to the top of the Measure Values card. Ensure the Color Circle measure is underneath and then the Gray Circle measure is on the bottom.

Go to the Analysis menu and select Off for Stack Marks.

Place another Measure Values measure on the Columns shelf. Make them dual axis and synchronize the axis. (You have to right-click on the axis to select this option.)

Change the first Measure Values Marks card to Bar.

Keep the second Measure Values Marks card as a Circle.

You will need to adjust the size of the circles in the second Measure Values Marks card to be the same size as the bars.

You will need to change your colors to have both the Total_Sales Sub-category and the Color Circle measures as the same color.

You will need to pick a pale gray for the Gray Circle measure.

I place Total_Sales Sub-Category on the first Measure Values Marks card on the Tooltip card. This allows me to set up my Tooltip as below;

Now you can clean up your dashboard by formatting your graph to remove gridlines, hide the axis, etc.

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