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How to Create a "Button" for a URL Action

Do you want to add a button to your dashboard for users to be directed to a specific webpage? Maybe you want to direct a user to a SharePoint list, or download a zip file from a SharePoint document library. In the blog below I will share with you how to create this button using a Worksheet and a Custom shape.

The dashboard link for this example is here in my Tableau Public site.

On a new worksheet, right-click on the Columns shelf and select New Calculation.

Type in "min(1)"

Change the Marks type to Shape.

Select a custom Shape from your Shape Marks card.

I use for custom shapes. I have instructions in my previous blog here on how to create a Custom Shape folder.

I like to use a Mouse Pointer icon for my clients to let them know they need to click on the Shape for an action.

Select Entire View from the drop-down on the tool bar.

Hide the Header by right-clicking on the min calculation on the Columns shelf.

Increase the size of the icon by using the slider under the Size Marks card.

Remove the grid lines.

Next create a calculated field called Weblink, that contains the URL. This will help users to navigate to the site when they click on this icon. Make sure the URL is in-between double quotes.

For this example; I am entering the URL of my Dynamic Top N blog from my website.

Put this calculated field on the Detail Marks card of your worksheet.

Next, edit the Tooltip to advise users that they can click on this icon to be directed to a website for the dashboard. Uncheck the boxes for Include command buttons and Allow selection by category. You won't need this functionality for this item.

Now you are ready to add this worksheet to your dashboard.

I placed this worksheet inside my collapsible container on the dashboard to conserve space. I removed the background color of white for this worksheet and had to adjust the size of the mouse icon. I also hid the title of the worksheet.

With this worksheet selected, go to the Dashboard menu and select Actions. Then select Go to URL from the Add Action drop-down menu.

On the URL Action pop-up menu check the button for Select under Run action on.

Check the box for the URL action worksheet that contains the mouse pointer.

Add the Weblink calculated field under URL. (You can test the functionality here to see if it works.)

Click OK.

Your users will now be able to click on the icon and be directed to that weblink in your dashboard.

Feel free to test this functionality in my Tableau public dashboard.

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