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3 Custom Shapes You Should have

One of the most important things to have in your Tableau Tool box are certain custom shapes. I use and for free shapes in my dashboards.

To add custom shapes, create a folder in the following location;

C:\Users\YourNAME\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Shapes

Then in Tableau open the Shapes menu and click refresh. The folder you created should appear.

Blank Shapes

I use the blank shape often. I create a blank image in software such as Tech Smith's Snag It. You can hide certain shapes with the blank option. I have a use case in my tableau dashboard here. In this example, I don't show the enemy icon until all the material in a level is complete.

Luke Stanke lists more use cases for the Blank shape icon here.

Mouse Arrow or Hand Icons

I also like to have a Mouse arrow in my dashboard as a button image to signify to users to open a floating container. I have the Hand icon when the container is visible. The example dashboard containing these is here.

Filter Icons

I use the filter icon to hide my filters in a floating container. This frees up space on my dashboard. Sample dashboard is here.

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