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Forgot to Annotate?

Do you have a workflow with a lot of different tools, say 100+? What if you forgot to document some of these tools for controls purposes? Did you know there is a way to quickly navigate and highlight each tool in the workflow?

Click anywhere on the canvas.

Enter Ctrl F.

This action will bring up the Find and Replace window.

I like to click on the arrow with the corner to dock this window next to the Configuration Pane.

In the Find and Replace pane you will see all of your tools listed with their number. You can click on any tool in this list and it will put a red box around the tool in your workflow.

Go to this tool and update your annotation.

You can always change your Annotations to display the tools with their numbers if its easier. You can do this by clicking anywhere on the canvas, click on the Canvas tab of the Configuration pane and then selecting Show w/ Tool names from the Annotations drop-down.

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