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Filter Reset Button

I had a request to review how to create a Filter Reset Button in Tableau. There are several articles out there on how to create one for your dashboard. I found this one to be most helpful and decided to expand upon it.

Why should you create a Reset Button for Filters? You can click on the ESC key to reset Filter Actions on a Dashboard; however this does not work for Filters.

You can also click the Revert button on your server to revert the dashboard to the original view it was published with. Additionally, if you click on View: Original on the server, you can always create a custom original view.

You can see my completed dashboard for this example here.

You will need to create a dashboard with some filters on it to test this button.

On a new Worksheet you will need to create the following Calculated Field;

Reset Label

"Reset Filters"

Place this calculated field on the Text Marks card of your new worksheet.

Select Fit Entire View in your Toolbar to expand this text to the entire view.

Select the Shape Mark type and pick a shape to represent a reset action for your worksheet.

You can leave this as text if you do not want to have a shape users can click on. I picked a reset image from

I also adjusted the Text Alignment on the Label Marks card to have "Reset Filters" show below the shape.

I also changed the Font for the text to appear Bold and changed the Size to 12.

Label this worksheet Reset Button.

Move this sheet to your dashboard.

Hide the Title for this worksheet.

I changed the background of the sheet to be the same blue as a filters pane I created for my filters.

I also made sure all of my filters were selected to All before I completed the following steps.

Next go to your Dashboard Actions menu, select Add Action and then select Filter...

You will need to set up your action as the below print screen.

Name the action Reset Filters.

Select only the Reset Button source sheet.

For your Target Sheets pick all the worksheets on the dashboard that you have filters on.

Change the Clearing the selection will to Show all values.

Under Filter pick the Selected fields option. Here you will need to add all the filters you have on your dashboard. I have Region and then Discrete Year of Order Date. (Make sure you pick the right date value/format or it will not work.)

Tableau will give you the Missing fields on Reset Button error but you can ignore this warning.

Click OK.

Now your users should be able to make filter selections and then click on the Reset Filters icon on your dashboard to clear the filters.

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