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Email Actions

Do you have a dashboard that you want to add a link for users to email you if they have any questions? You can do this by adding an email action. Your users will be able to double-click the area and Outlook or whatever email application they have set to as default will open with the email address in the To: line.

I start by creating a new worksheet in my Tableau Dashboard.

I create two calculated fields with text in them;

Email Text

"If you have a question about this dashboard, please click here to email me."




I set up the dashboard shown as below. I place the Email Text on the Columns shelf and I place the Email on the Shapes card. (I have an email icon I use for this purpose.)

I place the DashboardName field in the Detail card.

Feel free to adjust the size of your icon to make it bigger.

I add this worksheet to my dashboard. I make it Fit to the area, make it look pretty etc.

Then I go to the Dashboard menu and select Actions.

On the Actions pop-up menu, I select Go to URL.

On the Add URL Action pop-up menu, in the URL textbox, type in mailto: and then select the My email field from the arrow on the right.

I also like to change the name for this URL action to "EmailMe" so I can quickly decipher what this action is doing. I also check the Run action on Select box.

After this field I enter ?Subject= and select the DashboardName field followed by "Dashboard Question" to be in the subject of the email.

If you wanted a certain field in the body of the email you can enter &body= .

I leave this blank for users to enter their question.

Click Test Link to test this action.

Click OK when you are done. Then save your dashboard.

Now when the user clicks on the email icon, it will automatically open an email with this information in the email.

I have this tip in my Tableau public Parameter Actions dashboard here.

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