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Bingo Cards in Alteryx

Have you ever wondered how to generate Bingo cards? For an upcoming wedding there are various bingo activities such as meet the guest. I created a workflow that generated one pdf file at a time. I put a discussion out in the Community.alteryx site for ways to make multiple cards at once here

Here's a preview of the Bingo card pdf using my workflow;

Little did I know that there was a challenge out in the site for creating bingo cards. Phillip Mannering (an Alteryx Ace) advised me that Challenge 191 created by @kelly_gilbert provides a better way of generating multiple bingo cards at once. That solution is here in the website. It's an analytic app where as mine was a regular workflow.

I downloaded the 191 analytic app and modified it for my Wedding Bingo cards.

Here is a preview of my revised Wedding Bingo card using the 191 solution file;

The challenge solution uses Overlay and Photo tools. I like how each square is visually cleaner and uniform.

Look at both solutions, I wanted to write a short blog on how there are multiple ways of addressing the same problem in Alteryx.

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