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Apply All Button

If you are new to Tableau, you may not be aware, but you can set an Apply button to each of your filters in the Customize filter menu setting. This prevents Tableau from automatically sending a query to your data. This is a good practice if you have a large data set on the server.

Example: Customize menu

Example: Apply button

But what if you have multiple filters, and you want to have a apply button to apply all of them at once? I will show you how in steps below.

In a Tableau Public dashboard here I have an Apply and Clear button using a worksheet as a filter. This is one method of having an Apply button. It is only filtering the Sub-Category Dimension.

Steps to Create the Apply All Button

On a new worksheet, create a calculated field with the text "Apply All" in the field.

Place this calculated field on the Rows shelf.

Place all the dimensions you want to filter your dashboard by, on the Columns shelf and the Filters Marks card. (Make sure all items are checked when you place them on the Filters Marks card.)

Change the Mark Type to a Polygon.

Hide all Headers and Field Labels.

The worksheet should appear as below;

You can also make the Apply All text a different color, by right-clicking on it and selecting Format. Then on the Format Shading tab, pick a color for the Header under the Default area.

Place this worksheet on your dashboard. Make sure you select Entire View for this worksheet to hide the blank columns from the worksheet.

Next, click the down arrow on this Apply All worksheet and proceed to add all of the filters from this worksheet to the dashboard.

I changed the format of my filters to Multiple Values (drop-down), except for the Category dimension. It is formatted as a Single Value (drop-down) with the option for All removed.

Now you will need to add a Dashboard Action.

Go to the Dashboard menu and select Action.

Add a Filter Action.

Select your Apply Button worksheet for the source sheet.

Check Select for the Run action on menu.

For the Target Sheets select the sheets on your dashboard. (I have a title sheet, which is not needed for selection.)

For Clearing the selection will, choose Keep filtered values.

You will need to add all of the Dimensions you have filters for as Source Fields in the Selected fields section of the Action menu.

Then click OK.

Now your users can apply filters, and then click on the Apply All button to apply all of the filter changes at once. The main worksheet or worksheets will not be updated until the button is clicked.

Please note: when selecting the filters, the "Apply All" text in the worksheet may disappear and re-appear.

Feel free to visit the dashboard in Tableau public here to use this functionality.

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