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Add Text to the End of a Tableau URL

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

By Dawn Harrington

Did you know that you can add additional text at the end of your Tableau URL link, and it can improve performance?

Here are a couple of examples;

Adding &refresh=yes at the end of a dashboard link will allow the the data source to be refreshed when you refresh the browser. There will not be a need to refresh the data source in the Tableau ribbon.

Adding &:render=true can allow your tooltips to render faster. This will enable client side rendering which will allow your computer to process the view versus the server to process the view.

Adding showAppBanner=false&display_count=n&:showVizHome=n&embed=y#9 to the end of a Tableau dashboard link, removes the header on the server and takes you directly to a dashboard view. It hides the refresh and other buttons.

However, if your server is upgraded to Tableau Server 2022.3 and later and/or if you are in Tableau Cloud, this has changed to use the Embedding API v3. Here is a link to Help Tableau's API page.

These codes will not work with dashboards in Tableau Public.

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