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Add a Hyperlink in Alteryx

Did you know you can add a hyperlink to your dataset in Alteryx? This tip was suggested by Nicolas Colombo. Thank you Nicolas!

This example was modified from a response by Charlie S in the Alteryx community here.

I first started my workflow with a Text Input Tool as shown below;

I have a column for name, a brief biography about the person and then a URL site for the person.

Next I added the Report Text Tool to my workflow with the following configuration;

Notice the text in the Text Data field has the two column names separated by a pipe (|) and is placed in between <>. This combines the name and the URL field together!

<Link [Name:A]|[URL:A]>

You also have the Field name (Link) before these brackets.

The white A symbol is where you can adjust the details of the font.

Next I added the Table Tool and performed the following configuration steps;

  • Moved Link to the be the first column using the up arrow

  • Deselected the Name and URL column

  • Clicked on Link and adjusted the alignment to be Left aligned. I did the same thing for the Bio column.

  • Changed the Width for Link to Fixed and 2 inches.

I then added the Render Tool to my workflow and selected a temporary pdf file as my output. You can change this to a specific file if you wish.

You may need to add a Layout Tool and make further adjustments if you want this to be in the center of your pdf.

In the results you can click on the name of the person and automatically be directed to their webpage.

Here is a picture of the finished workflow;

If you wanted to email this summary out, I would recommend adding a Header Tool, then a Layout Tool and finally then adding the Email Tool to your workflow.

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