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Featured Items From Past Tableau Releases

Has it been a while since you experienced a Tableau upgrade? Here are some features of note for the past couple of releases.

Create Show/Hide Buttons for any Object

In version 2021.2 you have the capability to add buttons for any Tableau object on your dashboard. You can add it to a Navigation Object, a Web object etc.

Set Data Quality Warnings

Did you know you can set data quality warnings on data sources, databases, tables, and flows? This was introduced in version 2019.3 for Tableau Cloud and Server. However, you can set the warnings for virtual connections tables in Tableau Cloud March 2022 and Tableau Server 2022.1. You can also set these for columns in Tableau Cloud October 2022 and Tableau server 2022.3. What is a data quality warning? This is a way to tell your user if the data is stale and/or if the data is under maintenance. For more information you can refer to this link for information.

Axis Animations in 2021.3

In version 2021.3 you can set animation speeds for filtering in the Format menu! In the video below I show you how the axis changes when I deselect Technology from a Category filter. This setting is turned off for older versions of Tableau.

Copy and Paste Dashboard Objects

Want to copy that navigation button or link to a webpage in a new dashboard in your workbook? You now can copy dashboard objects with the release of version 2021.4!

More Image Export Options

In version 2022.1 you can now export an image in the following file types;


Data Stories

In version 2022.2 you can add a Tableau Data Story to your dashboard. What is a Data story? You can gain data insights with the new Data Story object. On the server you can add this feature in Web Authoring mode to gain insights to your data. A gif example is in this article link here.

Dynamic Zone Visibility

Remember sheet swapping? You can hide and display visuals in your dashboard based on a parameter with this feature. This was released in version 2022.3. Tableau walks you through an interesting use case here by suddenly displaying a break out of sales in the sub-categories after you select the category of a bar chart. Tableau Tim has a use case here in his YouTube video.

Images in a Header? Images in a Table? Use Image Role

Tableau released Image Role in version 2022.4. If you have the URL of an image in your data you can swap the URL with the actual image! Refer to this article here for more information.

Dynamic Axis Titles

With the release of Tableau 2023.1, you can change the titles of your chart based on the Parameter selected. This Interworks article here walks you through a use case with swapping Profit and Sales.

Line Patterns

No more plain lines in your line chart! In version 2023.2 they released additional line patterns for line charts.

Dynamic Axis Ranges

You can now set the start and end of an axis for a chart with parameters! Tableau Tim walks you through a use case with a Scatter plot here.

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