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How to Show/Hide a Chart with a Button

Have you heard of the floating container functionality in Tableau? Did you know you can put a chart (or charts) into these floating containers? With the click of a button, your user can show and hide the visuals you put in these containers with this Tableau functionality.

This tech tip was suggested by Araceli Lagostena. Thanks Araceli!

The below instructions are dependent upon an existing dashboard already set up with all of your charts and visuals. These instructions are specifically set to replace one chart in your dashboard.

Start by dragging a container onto your existing dashboard above one of your charts. Containers can be found in the Objects area in the lower left hand corner of the menu pane.

I usually just grab a Horizontal one.

Click the down arrow on the side of this container, make sure the container is highlighted in blue to let you know its selected.

Select Floating from this drop-down menu.

You can then adjust the position and size of this container using the settings on the Layout tab, or you can manually adjust the container, overlaying any existing chart, using your mouse.

Make sure you change the background color of this container to match the background of your dashboard. This will help to hide the background chart when it is expanded.

Click the down arrow again and select the Add Show/Hide Button.

This will place an X in the container on your dashboard. Click on the Edit Button in the down arrow menu.

You can navigate to where your custom icons are saved by using the Custom button.

You have the option to use custom icons for when the container is displaying the chart with the Item Shown menu, or when it is hidden with the Item Hidden menu. If you do not select custom images, it will remain with the default X when the container is hidden and three parallel lines when it is displayed.

Quick Tip: It is helpful to add text in the Tooltip of this button to help the user understand how this button functions.

I recommend using different mouse cursor icons to let your user know they need to click on the button to expand/collapse the container. Some users put a miniature version of the chart to display as the icon.

Examples of Mouse Cursor Icons from

Example of the miniature chart icon

Click OK when you are finished editing the Button menu. Is the image too small? You can expand the size of this button using your mouse.

Now drag your chart from a worksheet to this container.

Your user will now be able to expand or collapse this container when the dashboard is on the server.

In your desktop version of Tableau, you will only be able to show/hide items in the container with the down arrow.

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