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How Do I Get Started With Tableau?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

During a Tableau User Group meeting last week, a couple of users asked me how to get started at becoming a great Tableau Developer. There are several tips I recommend below;

Tableau Help

Get started by reviewing this tutorial in the Tableau Help site. This site will help you with Step 1 and beyond.

Watch These YouTube Videos

Here are several videos that I have enjoyed that helped me;

Tableau in Two Minutes - Tableau Basics for Beginners - by Penguin Analytics

Webinar: A Little Obscure, a Little Random and a Lot Useful - Tableau Techniques by Ken and Kevin Flerlage

Drill Down with Set Actions by Andy Kriebel -

LODs of Fun with Jedi Filters: Level Of Detail Calcs for Data Geeks - Bethany Lyons

And there are so many more.

Favorite these Links

Andy Krielbel's Visual Vocabulary

Favorite this link. Do it! This is such a helpful dashboard that answers your question of what chart should I use for what?

Flerlage Twins

So many helpful videos so little time. The Flerlage twins are Tableau experts! They also have a Visual Vocabulary kind of dashboard.


Rajeev Pandey is the genius behind this site. It's a go to in my opinion for helpful tutorials.


Zak Geis has several helpful design tips for dashboards in this site. He also has a side project for data coders!

Create a Tableau Public profile

Its essential for any job you apply for to show a portfolio of what you are capable creating. Instead of waiting for an employer to ask you to create a test dashboard, use Tableau Public! Tableau Public is free software. Its a great place to show your development process too. Show how you started and then show more as you progress. People even use Tableau Public to create resumes!

Favorite dashboards in Tableau Public!

Here are a couple that I have favorited;

Many people, including myself use the Sample Superstore data set for our dashboards. I point most beginner users to this dashboard as an example of what you are capable of creating.

Great Map example!

Parameter actions can be confusing if you are just starting with this application. They are a must to learn. I also have an example in my public site with examples. Lindsey's dashboards are visually clean and very well put together. She won an iron viz! Similar Sales w/ Parameter Actions by Lindsey Poulter

Judit is so creative. I love her artistic style.

History of Photography by Judit Bekker

You will get clients that want to see KPI's or (Key performance indicators). This dashboard has a lot of examples to choose from.

There are so many inspiring dashboards out there in Tableau Public. You can follow Viz of the Day as well, if you want to be sent their pick of the day.

KPI Designs by Luke Stanke

Follow People in Tableau Public

Here are a couple of people I follow. They all have amazing dashboards;

Pin It or Create a Screen Shot

Another thing I do is pin infographics or Tableau Dashboards in the Pinterest site. If you aren't a Pinterest user, you can always screen shot visuals that you want to recreate for your own public site.

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