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Color Banding

Do you want to have different color columns in your dashboard? Sometimes this helps to visually break up the space in your dashboard. You may have noticed this visualization in last week's KPI arrow tip.

Here is an example of a KPI worksheet using the Sample - SuperStore data set. The second chart has an example of color banding. Notice how the gray selection of the Corporate Segment visually breaks up the monotony of the worksheet.

If you are curious I have the Label marks card for this worksheet set up as follows;

You can change this setting pretty easily. Right-click in your worksheet and select Format.

Click on the Paint bucket icon to Format the Shading in your worksheet. This menu is located in the left hand pane.

You will go down to the Column Banding menu since this worksheet is set up in Columns.

Change the level to the second tick mark.

I selected the lightest gray for the Pane and then a darker gray for the Header. It overrode the blue color I selected for the Header.

And that's it! If your dashboard is set up in rows, you would adjust the Row Banding menu here.

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