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Just a Few Bar Tips for Dashboards

Have you wondered how to add a line in your dashboard visually separating charts? Do you know how to add a Boarder to your Bars in your Bar graph?

Are you curious about adding a bar separator to your Tooltip? In the article below I provide instructions for these items.

Add a Line to Your Dashboard

Sometimes it's nice to add a little visual noise such as a line for separating your charts.

In my Tableau Public dashboard here, I have an example of line separators for the sales current year versus last year.

Simply add a Blank Object in-between your charts. Objects can be found in the lower left hand corner of your Dashboard menu.

Fill this Blank Object with a light gray from your Layout tab of the Dashboard menu.

Then adjust your Outer Padding to 15, ensure the All sides are equal option is selected. This will visually shrink the blank object to show as a line. You may have to adjust the padding to 20 etc., depending on your dashboard.

How to Add a Border to Your Line Graph

In this same dashboard in Tableau Public, I have a bar graph at the bottom with black lines. I think adding a black border around your bar charts makes your bars look more crisp and clean. This option is located in your Color Marks card under the Effects area of the menu. I choose Black by default. You can adjust the color from the Border drop-down.

Creating a Bar Separator in Your Tooltip

In my dashboard here, I have a bar separator in my Tooltip in the People metric.

This separates the percentages from the Bar chart in the Tooltip.

I created this bar in a new worksheet. I simply used the below Calculated field;



I put this Calculated Field on the Columns shelf.

I right-clicked on the Axis to edit it.

I selected a Fixed for Range and entered 1 for the Fixed End.

I then changed the color of the bar to black and hid the header.

I also changed the view to Fix Width.

I then inserted this Bar worksheet in the Tooltip of my People worksheet in-between the two graphs and text. As you see below, I adjusted the width of these sheets in my Tooltip.

Just a little background about this dashboard. There was a battle of the banks competition earlier last year for Tableau. This was my submission.

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