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Multiple Charts in the Tooltip?

If you are a beginner user in Tableau, you may not realize that you can add charts to the Tooltip of your dashboard. By doing so you make your dashboard more interactive to the user. You also add quick metrics for your end users to review.

In the example below I am adding two charts to a Tooltip. I am using the Sample - Superstore data set. I am using the below US map for this example. I have Profit as the detail on this map.

In another worksheet, I have created a Line graph contrasting the Sales and Profit by Year.

In a third worksheet I have a KPI chart with custom calculated fields to determine the percent change for the States/Segment from the current month sales to the prior month sales. You can explore these calculated fields in my public dashboard here.

I click on the Tooltip Marks card back on my Map worksheet.

First, I type a Title of "Profit vs. Sales Comparison" for the chart in the Tooltip.

LEGEND TIP: I change the color of the text Profit to match the color I use for this metric in the Line graph. I then change the color of the text Sales to match the color for this metric. This removes the need to have an actual legend for this graph.

Then I insert the Line graph using the Insert drop-down and selecting Line in the Sheets menu.

One thing I noticed that on the Line worksheet, if you change the view to Entire View it widens the chart in the Tooltip. If you keep it to Standard view, it may be more ideal. It helps to play around with your chart views to see what works for your dashboard.

I also change the maxheight in the grey highlight to 200 for this chart. I also change the maxwidth to 500.

Next I type another Title of "Segment Overview for Latest Month" in my Tooltip.

Then I insert the KPI for State worksheet.

However, when I look at the Tooltip on the map, the KPI chart is cut off. I receive the message "This view is too large to show"

I need to change the width for this chart to 500 as well. Once I do so, the Tooltip appears as below.

You may need to add more spaces between the charts to change the visual appeal. Some users create a bar using another worksheet to separate the two charts. You can create a bar worksheet using the technique I refer to in this Tech Tip.

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